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Congregation Ohr Torah-The North Woodmere Jewish Center was founded over fiftysix years ago.  People newly arrived in the new North Woodmere community yearned for an Orthodox Ashkenazic Synagogue.  The arrivees, who consisted of both people "escaping" from a more urban environment as well as Holocaust survivors pooled their resources and built our magnificent Sanctuary, lead by Rabbi Meshulem Jungreis zt"l.

As the Preamble to the Shul's Constitution states:

"It is our fervent prayer that our Synagogue will be an eternal monument to Judaism, that our Synagogue will always be a House of Worship for those who come to pray, a source of comfort for those who need solace, a source of pride for those who will strive for its well-being, and most of all, an everlasting fountainhead of learning for all our children, and for all their children, forever and ever."

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